the action or

process through

which something

is changed

so much

that it

appears to be

entirely new.


Lenette Dorman is a certified holistic nutrition and wellness coach based in Los Angeles, California. Reinvention Wellness was created out of a life-long passion to raise awareness and provide actionable information to help people maximize the health of their mind and body through healthy and sustainable food and lifestyle choices. 


With that in mind, the focus is not solely on diet as the fix to solve all the answers, as there are many determining factors — both on and off the plate — that affect our overall well-being. 

Instead of a one-size-fits-all list of restrictions, Lenette uses a body-positive approach and coaches her clients to explore different wellness options and implement gradual changes over time. You will gain confidence around your choices, learn what works for your body, and master the tools to combat the noise. For life.


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